Hire Service – Terms & Conditions


Please first contact us to discuss your requirements and confirm availability:

• Tel: 01845 537280  • Mob: 077900 98635  • Email:   • Website: www.by-arrangement.co.uk

We shall then ask you to complete the FastTrack 'Candelabra Only' Hire Order – Online or 'Hire Order – Online'


A wide range of equipment, some of which has been designed and made to our specification, is available for hire in principle throughout the country, if you are prepared to arrange suitable private transportation to collect it from and deliver it back to Thirsk – Please note that the Candelabra (BA11/3G) can be boxed up and sent via carrier, if necessary (see Refurbishment & Boxing-up instructions). Many customers arrange collection/return delivery privately, but sometimes you may need to engage commercial couriers. Dates are arranged as mutually convenient within the specified time scale

Basis of Hire Charges

Rates for Equipment are:

They do not include:

They do include:


If you cancel the order or any part of it before the event, the amount you must pay in respect of the cancelled items is a proportion of the full hire charges according to when you cancel, as follows:

Cleaning & Refurbishment

Before our hire equipment can go out again to another customer it must all be carefully cleaned and refurbished. You pay a deposit in advance of 25% of the hire charges to cover this work, but, in so far as you carry it out yourself before returning the equipment in accordance with the instructions we supply to you automatically (see Refurbishment & Boxing-up instructions), the deposit is returnable

Loss, Breakage and other Damage

All losses, breakages and other damages must be paid for in full


At least six weeks before the event you pay electronically by BACs (details will be supplied) or by cheque (made out to 'Jean Dalglish') the full agreed hire charges, which include an additional 25% as a deposit to cover cleaning and refurbishment, plus the net cost of any consumables ordered. The deposit is fully returnable, if you complete this work yourself to our instructions (see Refurbishment & Boxing-up) before returning the equipment.

Immediately after the return of the Hire Equipment we send you a final account and this is accompanied by our cheque for any amount owing to you after everything has been accounted for. The balance of payment for any outstanding charges due must be made in full within 30 days of receipt of the final invoice